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Lilia Orlova-Holmes is a bestselling artist based in the UK.
Her paintings are in many collections around the world.
London Art critic and curator Aindrea Emelife recently wrote about Lilia's painting:
"The ethereal beauty of Lillia's fantastical gardenscapes is mixed with a loose Impressionist technique, as brush marks seem to fall off the canvas. Allow earthly splendour to fill the room with dreamy romance and a distinct Japanese calligraphic influence."
Lilia’s recent work reflects on the artist's progression to looser and freer brushwork, expressing her own emotive intuition.
While these pieces are anchored in figurations they are no representational or observational but are explorations of feeling awoken by artist's search for inner meaning.
Lilia finds her inspiration in the way nature creates endless variety without judgment on what should or should not be.